Since over 40 years Fit Interiors has been working with architects and designers in the development and production of furniture for fitness centers, wellness & SPAs, hotels and corporate.
To develop his own ideas, designers can draw on an extensive catalogue of standard products, which are available in various finishes, colours and materials and styles.
In addition, architects and designers can also use the company’s know-how in order to develop products exclusively designed for their customers, and rely on the company’s experience regarding the choice of the most suitable materials, prototyping possibilities and production.
Finally, during the executive phase, Fit Interiors will directly take care of the installation, while the designer will be able to take advantage of all the necessary assistance on site, before and during the fitting.


The services we offer:

• Project development assistance
• Research of materials, samples and prototypes
• Executive design of products, feasibility and budget studies
• Installation and assistance on site

— design first