Ride / Let’s Ride

Ride and Let’s Ride are two specialist indoor cycling studios. The first is called Ride La Fayette, and the premises had earlier housed a paper press, and later a bank. The building was originally built in an Eiffel structure, which has been preserved in its raw form. The LED lighting engineered by DAS-studio surrounds the structural parts. It makes the inner space glow with light and warmth. The brass mirrors in the changing room vanities are a revisited version of the traditional French “coiffeuse”, with integrated hair-dryers. The reception counter, designed also by DAS Studio, is made of real concrete. The Let’s Ride club has also been designed under the same style concepts. All the pillars here were also taken back to their original raw form, and are visible and central in the small and simple changing rooms, where lockers are lining the walls, and an oversize bench takes center stage. The reception counter is made with horizontal wooden slats.


Paris, France


DAS studio

— design first