General principles


Our values put human capital at the centre. We encourage people to do something better every day. We appreciate the commitment with which they act, seeing a problem as an opportunity. We are proud to work with people who are driven by their passion, who want to put wrong things right, with ideas and actions.


Our company is constantly striving for better quality, by listening to the needs of the customer and drawing inspiration from the principles of Lean Thinking. This is done step by step, together with our staff and collaborators, by monitoring the management system and intervening where necessary in order to:
– improve the efficiency and effectiveness of processes
– increase product guarantees, safety, functionality and finish
– maintain customer commitments
– find solutions for product and process innovation
– pursue a model of flexibility
– develop staff skills
– identify and eliminate waste
– produce only what the customer wants, when he wants it.


We seek to operate in a sustainable manner, with the aim of preserving the earth’s natural resources, for today and for future generations, by reducing waste, producing only the material needed at the time it is needed, and above all by using natural raw materials and processes with the lowest possible environmental impact.


The main raw material is wood and wood derivatives, supplied by FSC – Forest Stewardship Council® certified producers. These products use timber from controlled and well-managed forests, which guarantees a renewable and sustainable resource.


In our production cycle:
– no fossil fuels or fuel oils are used as an energy source
– no chemicals classified as hazardous are used
– no chemical substances are emitted into the atmosphere in the form of gases, vapours or combustion fumes
– no water is consumed, not even industrial water
– no water is discharged, even for composites classified as non-hazardous
– all processing waste is sorted and mainly recycled in the regeneration circuit of new raw materials (wood and derivatives)
– all packaging can be recycled separately: wood, plastic, paper

— design first