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Fit Interiors is a company and brand founded in 2002 by managers with a long experience in the Fitness and sporting venues industry. Thanks to the wide-ranging experience of its management, Fit Interiors soon becomes the Italian market leader, but with a sizeable part of its production being exported to European and non-European countries.

In 2006, Mobilificio P&G starts production of custom-made reception desks and areas.
In a very short time, this product line achieves commercial success, meeting a market demand that had been not dealt with properly up until that time.

At the beginning of 2008, Mobilificio P&G and Fit Interiors join forces, founding Gruppo P&G.
Ensuing synergies in production and sales lead the brand to an even higher market position, supported by a direct sales network, allowing it to offer high range products at competitive prices.